Currently exhibiting at Kobalt Gallery: “People, Places and Past Times” featuring new work by painter Milenko Katic’. Katic’, who has lived in Virginia since 1989, has logged many miles up and down the east coast and eastern interior states collecting memories of the places he has stopped and the people he’s met along the way. His paintings reflect those countless impressions left to his interpretation – some with whimsy, others with satire, and still others a caricature of every day life. Join us for the opening reception of “People, Places and Past Times” from 7-9pm on Friday July 22nd.  The show runs through July 28th.

Up next: “American Dream”, artist Jon Davenport’s first solo exhibition at Kobalt. Davenport’s confident use of the paintbrush combines with his skills in digital art, illustration and photography in creating compositions that celebrate iconic imagery from the past infused with the artist’s contemporary edge.

View our entire exhibition schedule right HERE and mark your calendars!  Kobalt will be presenting new solo exhibitions every week throughout July.

New work is arriving almost daily, and our inventory is flush with the latest from all of our artists.  Stop by or view available work right HERE.