JUNE 30 – JULY 6, 2017

Jessica Pisano, Inescapable Truth, 2017, Oil on Panel, 40x40
Jessica Pisano, Inescapable Truth, 2017, Oil on Panel, 40×40


Group Exhibition of new work by all Kobalt Artists and Guest Artists
plus “NATURE’S ALLURE” featuring Kobalt’s newest artist JESSICA PISANO.


Kobalt Gallery welcomes the summer with two feature exhibitions of extraordinary work in a variety of mediums:

“What’s New With You?” spotlights a sneak preview of the gallery’s season of weekly exhibitions opening every Friday between July and September, as well as the latest works by Kobalt’s roster of twelve contemporary artists.  Included are new Provincetown paintings by both Sean Flood and Milenko Katic’, constructions and assemblage works by Dave Laro and Duncan Johnson, mixed media pieces by Jon Davenport, and current paintings by Jessica Brilli, Daniel Fleming, Cherie Mittenthal, Ted Polomis, Carlos Ramirez, Helen Shulman, and newcomer Jessica Pisano.  Several of the artists will be on hand at the June 30th reception to discuss the evolution of their work and offer insight to their creative process.

“Nature’s Allure” introduces a selection of paintings by Kobalt’s newest roster addition Jessica Pisano.  Inspired by the natural beauty of her hometown on the island of Martha’s Vineyard,  Jessica Pisano explores and portrays the balance of nature through her paintings.  Birds, trees and the ocean are the heroes of her visual stories, each depicted with the same individuality as characters in a novel.  Pisano’s work is both abstract and representational.  Using the traditional indirect painting techniques of the Old Masters, she applies oil paint in many translucent layers giving the painting a detailed and highly rendered appearance.  As a contrast, Pisano also uses contemporary techniques in which paint is loosely applied in an experimental and intuitive manner.  The combination of these techniques from both the past and the present creates a unique juxtaposition of styles.  “If you observe nature closely, there’s a dance in every tree, a song by every bird, and a story behind each ocean wave – countless gestures and poses in nature’s landscape; ever-changing yet timeless – inspiring me to capture and preserve these moments through painting.”  Meet the artist Friday June 30th from 7-9pm.