Daniel Fleming (b. Rochester, MN 1988) is a Milwaukee based emerging artist painting in the fresh new Abstract Symbolist style.  Fitting within the lineal tradition of modern art, with a freely gestural technique and associative symbolic content, Abstract Symbolism intuitively expands upon these aspects with contemporary materials and concepts.

Fleming investigates popular perceptions of worldly events through his paintings with emphases on new symbols used in new ways with materials of myriad kind.  Inspired by the many viewpoints that we use to understand the complex history of our world, he presents the viewer with personal, current or historic events and challenges them to confront their own perspective to better understand alternative viewpoints.

Known for aggressive brushwork, expressive symbols and a colorful palette, Fleming’s work is raw, direct, intuitive, vigorous and spontaneous.  The result is a powerful command of form, color, style, content and a richness of material that, together, fuse the many currents of modernism in the work of one artist.

Daniel is a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and was the youngest artist invited to join Reginald Baylor’s Plaid Tuba Studio before establishing his own studio in 2012. His work is found in many public and private collections including the Rochester Museum of Fine Art and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.