Diane Brawarsky (b. Queens, NY 1951) is a New York based mixed media artist whose narrative works incorporate oil painting and collage on wood panels.

Often present in her work, a female figure emerges to narrate the artist’s “story” through the bits and pieces of fabric, paper, and found objects included within a piece.

Frequently, a painting provides the framework for Brawarsky’s added elements, but at times the objects themselves, steeped in personal history, are the inspiration for the painting that ensues. In either approach the result remains true to her distinctive style.

Brawarsky’s work has been included in numerous exhibitions throughout the US and Europe appearing in Art in America, NY Times, and Harper Magazine. She is a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Grant (1978.)

Brawarsky received her MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and BS from New York University, NY, NY.