Joan Pereira (b. Buffalo, NY 1927) began her career as an artist at a very young age, earning accolades for her creativity as a child, and ultimately a scholarship to the Albany Institute of History and Art.  At age 26, Pereira’s interest in art led her to Provincetown where she continues to live and paint every day.

Best known for her landscape paintings of the Outer Cape, Pereira studied for many years with a long list of Provincetown’s noted artists of the time including Bruce McKain, Philip Malicoat, Henry Hensche, Fritz Pfeiffer, Jim Forsberg, Myron Stout, and Edwin Dickinson among others.  She learned much from each of her mentors, experimenting with various mediums until her own style developed and continued to evolve.

In 1964 Pereira became one of the early members of the Provincetown Group Gallery, a non-commercial art gallery where local artists could exhibit and sell their work, and interact with other artists and the public at large on a year round basis.  The gallery was located at the original Inn at the Mews and continued for 25 years exhibiting work by some of Provincetown’s most prominent artists.  Pereira was also one of six pilot members of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, founded in 1968 by several of the aforementioned artists who had been instrumental in her maturing as an artist herself.  There Pereira learned Hawthorne’s color theories and value systems, to which she attributes her own ability to unify the relationships between color, contrast and composition.

Pereira has taught locally at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill and the Cape Cod Conservatory.  Her work is widely collected throughout the United States including prominent collections across the country.

SEPTEMBER 1-7, 2017