Chattanooga based mixed media artist Jon Davenport’s (b. Ipswich, UK 1972) skills in digital art, illustration and photography combine with his confident use of the paintbrush in creating compositions that explore his process of combining deconstructed iconic imagery from the past and present.

Growing up in the United Kingdom, Davenport’s early creative interests were focused on drawing and illustration. With the arrival of his first computer, he embraced the new frontier of digital art, which ultimately set the stage for the launch of his own London design agency. Davenport’s eventual move to the American Deep South had an immediate influence on the development of his process and the idiosyncrasies of his artwork.

Jon Davenport holds a degree in biology from Brunel University in London, while his skills as an artist are primarily self-taught. His career path has woven an unconventional journey from medical researcher, newspaper production assistant and creative director to his current work as a full time artist and designer in the USA and abroad.