Contemporary assemblage artist Mike Ware (b. Boston, MA 1956) transforms the functional identity of reclaimed materials giving them new meaning and context. At times, Ware incorporates installation and film into his work, and is recognized for his documentary short film “Vacancy”.

Frequently working with discarded hand painted wood signs, Ware deconstructs the imagery by deliberately cutting them into seemingly random blocks. The original message obscured, each sign is reassembled at Ware’s hand producing a typographic abstraction.

Ware has exhibited throughout Massachusetts and in Palm Springs, CA. His work has appeared in Art New England Magazine, In News Weekly, Boston Globe and Vanity Fair among other publications.

Ware received his training in fine art, design and advertising at the Provincetown International Art Institute and the Art Institute of Boston. As an art director and film maker, he is the recipient of the Clio and the International Film and TV Festival of New York Prize.