JULY 28 – AUG 3, 2017

Milenko Katic', Harlequin with Heart, 2017, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Panel, 16x20
Milenko Katic’, Harlequin with Heart, 2017, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Panel, 16×20




“Tiny Town”, featuring new paintings out and about Provincetown by Serbian artist Milenko Katic’, will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has a fondness for this little village where charm and character are never in short supply.

Prior to joining Kobalt’s roster in 2014, Milenko Katic’ had never heard of Provincetown, but when he arrived for the first time in early July of that year with a body of work for the gallery, like so many others, he immediately became enamored with Ptown.  Since that initial visit, he has returned summer after summer to deliver work and collect new inspiration for his paintings.  The consummate observer, Katic’ wanders from one end of town to the other with eyes wide open, sketching, photographing and gathering reference material for his studio work back home in Virginia where he’s lived since 1989.  Katic’ captures not only the quaint seaside nature of things here in Provincetown, but also the quirky heart and soul of this place – the tourists, the townies, the crooked cottages and inherent inclusiveness, all of it.  In his mid-seventies now, Katic’s paintings are narratives of his meanderings through life’s pathways and the happenstance meetings that have indelibly left their mark, and ultimately find their way to Katic’s wonderfully naive yet keenly perceptive portrayals of life’s journeys.

Katic’ studied medicine at the University of Belgrade before turning full time to painting and sculpture by 1970.  He was mentored in drawing and painting by local artists in Belgrade until joining the Painting School of Machva in 1979.  Meet the artist July 28th from 7 to 9pm.