AUGUST 11 – 17, 2017



AUGUST 11-17

Now and then circumstances render what ultimately results in a perfect pairing, and once again Kobalt Gallery is delighted to present artists Dave Laro and Ted Polomis together for their second feature exhibition, “Double Vision”.  Pop construction artist Dave Laro and realist painter Ted Polomis may work in different mediums, but a kindred spirit is manifest in their artwork, sharing a knack for adding a present-day twist to an erstwhile notion.

Both artists are charged with interminable vision, imagination, and a deep appreciation for generations old culture, enabling them to borrow from the past to reflect on the present with humor, insight and a touch of satire.  In a piece aptly titled “Drawn Together”, two popular female comic book characters from a half century ago appear lifelike enough to pluck from Polomis’s canvas.  Shadowed by a faint yet suggestive equality symbol, the “couple” stands with hands held, openly “out” to the world.  Laro’s “Wonderland” speaks to the uncertainty surrounding U.S. politics as an antique Alice in Wonderland puppet flanked by star spangled American symbolism appears distressed, mouth agape and blue eyes wide open, the implicit target of questionable governance.  Masters of the double entendre, a more lighthearted sentiment carries through much of both artists’ work as in Laro’s “I Need Some Space” depicting a comic book rocket ship piloted by a tin toy astronaut, and Polomis’s “Easy Rider”, a handsome rendition of a vintage Radio Flyer tricycle.  Filled with substance and superbly realized, “Double Vision” is sentimental, provocative and delightful times two.