JULY 12 – 18, 2019


Theme Group Exhibition of new work by all Kobalt Artists

JULY 12-18

We’ve all experienced it, that magical moment when Provincetown first comes into view, whether approaching by land or by sea, or even from the friendly skies above, it’s a feeling that confounds words.  For over a century artists have  made Provincetown their destination, to experience the legendary northern light, and to draw inspiration from all that lies amid its shores.  With a contemporary eye, “Entering Provincetown” offers a present day perspective of a long established tradition, a twenty-first century tribute to all the creative souls who have felt the pull of this tiny one-time fishing village. 

Kobalt Gallery’s roster of twelve artists hail from near and far, but all have walked Provincetown’s streets and shoreline at one time or another.  Working in a broad range of mediums, the artists were asked to reflect on their own personal experience of Provincetown and the impressions they were left with.  The variety of styles, techniques and scale characteristic of each participating artist’s work promises an eclectic full roster group exhibition bound by one common thread – that overwhelming sense of having arrived in a place like no other, the journey behind us, as we enter Provincetown.  Join us Friday, July 12th from 7-9pm for the opening reception.