AUGUST 9 – 15, 2019


Theme Group Exhibition of new work by all Kobalt Artists


Summer sensations arise with the smell of freshly cut grass and thoughts of dining alfresco under the canopy of a welcoming shade tree.  “Picnic”, our third and final themed group show of the season, looks to Kobalt’s roster of  twelve to reflect their sentiments of summer by working in their own distinctive style and medium.

While some artists approached the theme literally, as in Paul Balmer’s painting “By the Sea”, a quintessential picnic setting rendered in blues, yellows and greens, others reached beyond the apparent turning to thoughts of summer to inspire them.  Pop construction artist Dave Laro’s piece “Mostly Sunny” is a perfectly assembled array of antique elements – a wooden soda pop crate inviting us to “drink bottled sunshine” serves as a perfect backdrop to a handmade figurine cobbled together to share his enthusiasm as evident from a beaming smile.  Working abstractly in a summer palette, painter Helen Shulman interrupts an evocative field of color and texture with an uncharacteristic shift to realism, a red and white checkered cloth draped in a corner to hint, perhaps, at a lazy summer afternoon and the splendor of an outdoor repast.

Join us for the opening reception Friday, August 9th from 7 to 9pm