Ted Polomis (b. Newton, MA 1962) is a realist still life painter working exclusively in oils. Fully engaged with his compositions, his subjects range from nostalgic to classic and contemporary.

Polomis creates paintings with a sophisticated sense of balance and depth. He is captivated by the interplay between objects and their environment, and the quiet harmony that results between form, color, light and shadow. “I prefer simple balanced setups that highlight my subjects while, at the same time, create a meditative and calming scene.”

A graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, Polomis was elected to the European Honors Program in Rome, Italy, where he spent his junior year. Visiting museums and collections throughout Italy, and thirteen other countries as well, he studied the works of the Great Masters who continue to influence his work today.

Polomis’s works have received numerous awards, and have been featured in many publications including American Art Collector, International Artist, and The Artist’s Magazine.