JULY 6 -12, 2018




JULY 6-12

In 2012, when artist Dave Laro joined the Kobalt Gallery roster, he introduced a genre of artwork that encompassed assemblage, popular culture, wood working and an eye for nostalgia – a collective that inspired the term “pop construction”.  “Mood Swing” is chock-full with new work that exercises Laro’s ability to deliver a contemporary message by way of an unlikely messenger, often an iconic figure or curio from the past.  While maintaining his unique approach, Laro’s work has evolved over the past few years to incorporate silkscreen into his pool of media skills.  His piece, “The Cowboy Process” exemplifies what Laro does best:  a silk screened image of a broadly smiling Lone Ranger gazes straight back at the viewer, his blue eyes an invitation to discover the real man behind the mask.  Laro’s use of comic book and magazine clippings to enhance both foreground and background tap his talent for subtly suggesting a backstory about the subject.  These latest works have also achieved a perfect symmetry between color and composition, simplicity and detail, and knowing when the process is done.  The show also includes several of Laro’s classic three-dimensional constructions, each a visual commentary on life from the artist’s perspective, often veiled in satire, and always a delight to contemplate and decipher. 

Primarily self-taught, Laro refined his skills as a master wood worker and wood carver as apprentice to the renowned furniture designer and maker Charles Shackleton. Dave Laro’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, and is in private collections across the country and abroad.  

Meet the artist Friday July 6th from 7 to 9pm.