AUGUST 3 – 9, 2018




Boston area painter Jessica Brilli’s latest work is the perfect cure for the “Summertime Blues”, each piece a fond reminder of summers past.  Amid a full range of summer hues, Brilli’s canvases take us back to the days of midnight blue convertibles with white rag tops, one piece skirted swimsuits in navy and teal, and aquamarine swimming pools under cerulean skies, her vintage palettes setting a nostalgic tone.  

Working in a style that encompasses American realism and 20th century graphic design aesthetics, Brilli’s paintings are inspired by Kodachrome slides and generations-old photographs gathered from yard sales and basements across America.  Brilli brings a contemporary eye to subjects often overlooked or forgotten, and sees her paintings as a way of giving renewed life to images that haven’t been seen in decades.  Having had no direct experience with the original images, the process of painting them takes on a different dimension for the artist.  Brilli’s loose style and editing skills effectively direct us to the heart of the borrowed memories by removing identifying details, and allowing us to connect in our own personal way.

Brilli earned her BFA in painting at the University of Rhode Island, and received a certificate in graphic design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA.  

Meet the artist Friday August 3rd from 7 to 9pm.