JULY 13 – 19, 2018



JULY 13-19

Like many of us, Serbian artist Milenko Katic’ fell in love with Provincetown the very first time he visited in 2014.  Each summer since, he has returned to share his unique perspective and affinity for the village that deservedly claims to be like no other.   “A Provincetown Scrapbook” is a pictorial diary of sorts, each painting a page taken from the memories Katic’ collects from year to year.

Breaking from the more traditional portrayals of Provincetown rendered by many artists, Katic’ takes a less literal approach, often scrapping together buildings from one end of town to the other, sometimes taking license with color, scale and plausibility itself.  His figurative work reaches far beyond face value and exposes the innermost secrets held by his subjects through elaborate drawings within the figures themselves.  Whether painting a row of seaside cottages or a cast of tourists and townies, Katic’s work somehow manages to encompass both a wonderful naivety and sophisticated complexity all within a single canvas. 

Katic’ studied medicine at the University of Belgrade before turning full time to painting and sculpture by 1970.  He was mentored in drawing and painting by local artists in Belgrade until joining the Painting School of Machva in 1979.  

Meet the artist Friday July 13th from 7 to 9pm.