JULY 19 – 25, 2019


JULY 19-25

We all have our own notion of an idyllic existence, a perfect world – where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day, or so goes the unofficial American Western anthem.  No matter the criteria for our personal utopia, the underlying sentiment generally paints a picture of singing birds under blue skies in a world where everyone gets along despite our differences.  In Katic’s solo exhibition “Perfect World” he approaches the subject with the innocence and imagination of a child, untainted by his matured perspective of reality.

Working from memory and dreams, Katic’s work begins with a representational pencil drawing, progressing to crayon and then broader more abstract brush strokes of color to create a base for each multi-layered painting.  At a glance the imagery is naive, but upon closer inspection a complex element emerges within Katic’s figures, revealing their personalities and giving them soul.  In fact, many of Katic’s “characters” are pulled from his past.  Family members, childhood friends, pets and often the artist himself as a boy are reunited once more as Katic shares his own Perfect World.  Join us for the opening reception July 19th from 7-9pm.