JULY 27 – AUGUST 2, 2018




In 2013, when painter Sean Flood had his first solo show of cityscapes at Kobalt Gallery, the familiar streets and structures of his Boston area roots populated his canvases in a style and tempo unlike that of other urban painters.  Over the past few years, Flood has entrenched himself in the boroughs of New York City for months at a time, focused on capturing the metropolitan vibe and further cultivating his technique.  NYC/STINT is the culmination of Flood’s studio work completed during several tenures in the city during 2017 and 2018. 

Still informed by his background in street art, Flood’s work has evolved to equal parts of grit and visual eloquence.  In one of his larger pieces, “Expressions in the Street”, a busy intersection emerges amid bold brushstrokes of taxi cab yellow applied helter-skelter beneath towering vertical marks of sienna, pink and grey that become buildings along a receding avenue.  Along with current paintings, the show includes a selection of monotypes and drypoint etchings from the artist’s recent venture into creating works on paper.  Flood’s keen sense of perspective and movement is unmistakable and effectively traverses mediums with the same intensity that charges his paintings.

Flood’s work has been exhibited throughout Boston including the de Cordova Museum, Duxbury Art Complex Museum, and The Copley Society.  He received his BFA in Fine Art from the Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA.  Flood continues to live and work in greater Boston and regularly travels to New York and beyond gathering inspiration for his work. 

Meet the artist Friday July 27th from 7 to 9pm.