MAY 25 – 31, 2018



MAY 25-JUNE 28

“Story/Lines” introduces a selection of paintings by Kobalt Gallery’s newest roster addition Tim Saternow.  Known for his large-scale urban watercolors, Saternow’s work reveals the fleeting beauty of the grit, rust, stain and patina acquired by the timeworn architectural landscape of New York City.  With the same sentiment, he captures the enchantment of Outer Cape Cod’s iconic houses, the hauntingly peaceful nature of the place once the peak season has retreated and a quiet stillness has been restored.  Trained as both a theatre set and lighting designer and as an art director in film, Saternow is extremely sensitive to the emotive power of light and shadow, particularly in the fall and winter, and how it boldly plays across the faces of old houses, city streets, and train trestles.  Setting the stage for the studio work he does today, his small-scale art direction sketches for film ultimately made their way to Saternow’s easel, but on a grander scale.  Quiet contemplations of what lies beneath the clamor of the city and beyond the summer crowds of Provincetown, Saternow’s paintings are almost always without human figures as he feels that once a figure appears in the composition, the painting becomes about the figure, and no longer about the place.  Whether portraying the last remaining industrial regions of New York City or the weatherworn homes of the Eastern seacoast, Saternow’s subjects narrate the story of passing time in a most intimate way. 

Meet the artist Friday May 25th from 7-9pm.